1) [Dekebat ERITRA] Website represents and reflects our People, our Land and our Flag. It depitcs our Identity, our Culture, our diversity and our History. This will surely unify us and help us to achieve our ultimate goal-to liberate our land and our people and to establish a democratic government by the people for the people to the people. This website will also work tirelessly to advocate that our unity lies within our diversity.

2) Our goal is to help pave the way for future parties to base their political orientation on the basis of Adi, Wereda & Awraja strategy, three level parliaments, and a unitary state within the context of pluralist democracy. This way, both Eritrean Identity and Eritrean democracy can take root and blossom for generations to come.

Some of the purposes of this independent website are to:

3) Provide un fettered access to the free flow of information, knowledge and human wisdom relevant to our people;

4) Demystify the unwarranted and senseless politics of hatred as well as false history created by PFDJ, other Eritrean and even Ethiopian groups and to promote a new sense of Ethio-Eritrean Brotherhood that takes into account of the special relationships that exist between our respective communities and peoples in whole or in part;

5) Offer a New Vision and Hope that will bring about a lasting peace, stability and prosperity for our people and the brotherly peoples of East African Region in the era of globalization, regional integration and in the 21st century;

6) Challenge the emotion-driven extremist views and tendencies originating from the anti-developmentalist Eritrean and Ethiopian elements and to find practical ways and means of promoting new and democratic reintegration arrangements and mechanisms based on equality, dignity and mutual sacrifices and benefits;

7) Collect, process and disseminate information and evidence on the political, economic and other forms of relationships based on shared history, tradition, culture, geography and other values and aspirations of the peoples of Eritrea , Ethiopia and as well as Sudan foster an all round policy of peaceful existence and cooperation between our neighboring countries;

8) Struggle against all forms of dictatorships, emotion and hate-driven tribalism, regionalism, highlander-lowlander or Christian and Moslem divide; and undertake researches and analysis that promote real empowerment, democratization, good governance, transparency and accountability, rule of law, respect for human rights and justice that takes into account the concrete s



























































































































































































































































































































































































9) Serving our people by promoting people centered, development-oriented politics and focus on real issues relevant to the satisfaction of Basic Needs and Rights of our people and raise awareness about environmental and other factors that help our region to become more secular, peaceful, stable, democratic and prosperous;

10) Bring about a new mental and cultural revolution that takes into account of our proud traditions and cultures as well as promote good moral ethics, values, norms, habits and cultures of civilized societies;

11) Promote a good, relevant and appropriate education system and science and technology policies that will help our people achieve a higher standard and quality of life;

12) Promote the rights and status of women as well as foster equality, truth, genuine reconciliation, justice and sustainable development within our people;

13) Promote a new awareness about development, north-south and south-south issues of interest to our people, the region and developing countries as well as other issues of interest to humanity;

14) Create a better international image of our people as well as promote a better understanding and meaningful international solidarity between our people and the rest of the world.



























































































































































































































































































































































































































Dekebat-Eritra.Com is launched to usher a new era of openness, tolerance and democratic culture and to promote freedom of expression and to exchange ideas and opinions that relate to our people, the people of Ethiopia as well as to the rest of the world.

Dekebat-Eritra.Com is committed to be the voice of truth, justice, equality and democracy as well as the voiceless silent majority of our people. Our aims are to leave a good legacy and to lay the foundation for peace, stability and prosperity for our people.

Dekebat-Eritra.Com is the medium where the men and women of reason and vision can exploit their talents, creativity and exchange good ideas on how to improve the quality of life of our people and how to create a new and genuine Eritrean Renaissance and A BETTER AND PEACEFUL WORLD.

Dekebat-Eritra.Com is committed to speak on behalf of the voiceless and the bereaved families of our people who have lost their loved ones in the senseless war and conflict. Our motto is to inform, educate and uphold the truth and to promote justice, tolerance and respect for the views of others within our society.

Dekebat-Eritra.Com is committed to the exchange civilized ideas, talents, creativity, innovation and know-how or exchanging the best of the West and the East as well as that of the North-South. That is why we have a column relating to Culture, people as well as Land.