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Subject: Petition on Behalf of Eritrean Refugees in
01.12.2004 06:31 Sudan
H. E. Ms Louise Arbour<?xml:namespace prefix = o ns =
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Office of the High Commissioner for Human Rights, UN

November 30, 2004

Your Excellency:
It is unfortunate that the United Nation?s vision, ?of a world in which the
human rights of all are fully respected and enjoyed in conditions of global
peace,? still continues to elude the nation of Eritrea. Consistent with the
noble mission of the Office of the High Commissioner for Human Rights
(OHCHR), we the undersigned human rights petitioners would like to see,
?the human rights of all Eritreans protected and promoted.?

The Eritrean reality, however, attests to the contrary. It is getting
clearer by the day, that the fate of the Eritrean nation is hanging in the
balance. President Isaias and his cronies have weakened the nation to such
a low point, Eritrea?s governance has escalated into a full scale crisis.
The triumph of tyranny in the country has resulted in the livelihood of
citizens being compromised through no fault of theirs.

In this petition, we would like to highlight the condition of Eritreans
relegated to the status of refugees. Again, thanks to the tyrannical regime
of President Isaias Afwerki, Eritrean refugees are facing the worst of
times everywhere. One such group resides in the Sotriba Refugee Center in
the Red Sea Zone of Eastern Sudan, for more than 20 years. Their status at
the present time seems to be fragile, at best. We are very much concerned.

We read their plea from their communiqué of November 24, 2004. In the
interest of originality, we would like you to read the same memo between
the broken lines:


A Call

We are Eritreans residing in Sotriba Refugee Center in the Red Sea zone of
eastern Sudan for more than 20 years. The residents of the Center are
technicians, drivers, carpenters , teachers, farmers and herdsmen by
profession who were forced to leave our country as the result of the
atrocities committed by the defunct fascistic colonial regime of Colonel
Menghestu Hailemariam of Ethiopia. In other words the majority of us were
previously living in towns and cities in Eritrea. The Sudan, UNHCR and the
Eritrean refugees were partners of the 1976 agreement for establishing the
Center. But this agreement came into effect in 1988, the year we were
practically accepted to live in the Sotriba Camp. The Center is
administered by the Sudanese Commission of Refugees (COR).

Like all Eritreans we and our children have contributed dearly to the
Eritrean Struggle for Liberation and as a result of the sacrifices paid by
the entire population our country won its independence in 1991. But to our
dismay our dream of a peaceful, just and democratic Eritrea has not been
materialized. We cannot return to our country as the result of the policies
of the PFDJ dictatorial regime in Eritrea. It was only one year since the
independence of our country that is was heard to say that he will not allow
any activity by the opposition organizations to which we were an
inalienable part during the struggle for liberation.

The opposition organizations and the Eritrean refugees were eager to return
to their country and participate in the reconstruction and democratization
of their country. The opposition organizations, in fact, have also shown
their readiness to lay down their arm and negotiate with the Provisional
Government of Eritrea, but to our disappointment the calls fell on deaf
ears. To the contrary the regime established a police state, whereby,
detention without accusation and fair trial, extrajudicial killings,
torture, etc., became the order of the day. As the result of these
atrocities a new wave of refugees, among which are recent repatriates, is
flowing to the neighboring countries.

Under such difficult situations, the residents of Sotriba Refugee Center
have been informed on 28 August 2004 by Mr. Roland Harson, a Swiss citizen
and a UNHCR represent at Shwek Refugee Camp, to pack our goods and leave
the center within 45 days.

We harbour the suspicions that Mr. Roland can be an accomplice of the
dictatorial regime of Asmara for the following reasons.

1. He was not willing to respond to our memorandum that we submitted to
him in one of the meetings he held with residents of Sotriba Refugee
2. We prepared another memorandum and went to Shewk Refugee Camp to hand
it to him but he was not prepared to take it. He also rejected our
demand to meet officials at higher posts. The response we got was the
aid that war earmarked for you has been stopped and the only choice
you have is to take 225 US dollars and leave the camp.
3. We met Mr. Giovanni, the director of the programme, on 10 November
2004 in Khartoum on our own. He told us that he did not hear anything
on our complaints. To the contrary he was informed that we were
prepared to take the 225 dollars and leave the camp

In addition, Mr. Roland was trying to convince us that the Eritrean
government is the only government in the region that is at peace with its

We, therefore, appeal to all interested Eritrean organizations and
individuals to make our voices heard to Human Rights groups, NGOS,
governments, parties and responsible UN institutions.

Finally, we like to express our appreciation to the people and government
of the Sudan for their tolerance and the kind hospitability they extended
to the Eritrean refugees in the last 40 years. We believe these tolerance
and hospitability will stay in place in this very difficult period of time.

Praise and Glory to our Martyrs,
Praise and Glory to the People and Government of Sudan


We the undersigned human rights petition sponsors, made up of Eritreans and
friends of Eritrea, residing all over the world, see it fitting to bring
the predicament of these Eritrean refugees to the attention of the Office
of the High Commissioner for Human Rights for a timely resolution.

It is our sincere hope that these Eritrean refugees get a fair hearing. We
look forward to your prompt attention to this important matter and would
like to learn of any steps you have taken to ensure that the rights of
these Eritrean refugees are protected. In the mean time, if you have any
question or a need for more information, we can be reached at
eritrea2eritrea@yahoo.com. We will gladly communicate your response to our
community in a timely fashion. We thank you.

Copy to:
Human Rights Committee
Human Rights Complaints
Petitions Team
Commission on Human Rights

1. Abba Teweldeberhan Tzeggai, ITALY
2. Abba Solomon GhebreCristos, ITALY
3. Mr. Abddela Nasser, USA
4. Mr. Abdalla Nasser, CANADA
5. Mr. Abdelhamid Said Ali, RSA
6. Mr. Abdella Ibrahim, SUDAN
7. Mr. Abdella Said Idris, AUSTRALIA
8. Mr. Abdella Yassin, USA
9. Mr. Abdelwassie Mohammod Shimondi, RSA
10. Mr. Abdelwasie Suleman, CANADA
11. Mr. Abdu Ali Habib, CANADA
12. Mr. Abdu Mohammed, RSA
13. Mr. Abdu Nurhussen Suleman, SWEDEN
14. Mr. Abdureshid Yasin, NORWAY
15. Mr. Abdu Safi, CANADA
16. Mr. Abdulrahman Abdusemed, SUDAN
17. Mr. Abdurahman Mohamed Ali, SUDAN
18. Ms Abeba Kidane, SUDAN
19. Ms Abeba Tesfagebreil, USA
20. Mr. Abel Kibrom, RSA
21. Mr. Abraha Aseffaw, USA
22. Mr. Abraha Gebre-Medhin Desta, USA
23. Mr. Abraha Ghebreselassie, CANADA
24. Mr. Abraha Tesfamicael, FRANCE
25. Mr. Abraham Ande, SUDAN
26. Mr. Abraham Aberra Berhe, SUDAN
27. Mr. Abraham Fessehaye Bahlbi, RSA
28. Mr. Abraham Gebreyesus Mehreteab, GERMANY
29. Mr. Abraham Ghebremariam, SUDAN
30. Mr. Abraham Rezene Tesfai, RSA
31. Mr. Abraham Tesfai, RSA
32. Mr. Abreha Gebre-Kirstos Hagos, USA
33. Ms Abrehet Haile, USA
34. Ms Addisalem Berhe, UK
35. Mr. Adem Mohamed, SUDAN
36. Ms Adiam Daniel Abraham, SUDAN
37. Mr. Adhanom Fitwi, NETHERLAND
38. Mr. Adhanom Menghesteab Haile, SUDAN
39. Mr. Adhanom Ghebrekiristos Teklehaymanot, RSA
40. Mr. Adhanom Michael, SUDAN
41. Mr. Afewerki Abay, GERMANY
42. Mr. Afewerki H. Birhane, USA
43. Mr. Afewerki Kidane, GERMANY
44. Mr. Afewerki Woldu, SUDAN
45. Mr. Afwerki Oqbatsion Tekle, SUDAN
46. Mr. Agaze Ntsere, UK
47. Mr. Ahmed A. Ibrahim, AUSTRALIA
48. Mr. Ahmed Abdelkader, SUDAN
49. Mr. Ahmed Abdulrehim, AUSTRALIA
50. Mr. Ahmed Heyabu, AUSTRALIA
51. Mr. Ahmed Mahmoud, AUSTRALIA
52. Mr. Ahmed Mehamed Abubaker, USA
53. Mr. Ahmed Y. Ibrahim, AUSTRALIA
54. Mr. Ahmedin Zeinu, SUDAN
55. Ms Aida Kidane, SWEDEN
56. Mr. Aimen Jaffer, NORWAY
57. Ms Aisha Ebrahim, NORWAY
58. Mr. Akal Afwerki, USA
59. Mr. Akal Amanuel, USA
60. MS Akberet Gebrezgeabher, USA
61. Mr. Aklilu Asefaw Kidane, RSA
62. Mr. Aklilu Teklesenbet Kidane, SUDAN
63. Mr. Alamin Beyan Abdelkader, SUDAN
64. Mr. Alamin Ibrahim, SWEDEN
65. Mr. Alamin Idris, AUSTRALIA
66. Mr. Alamin Siraj, SUDAN
67. Mr. Alazar Hagos, NORWAY
68. Mr. Alazar Hagos, SWEDEN
69. Mr. Alem Goitom, USA
70. Mr. Alem Hailu, RSA
71. Ms Alem Kidane, USA
72. Ms Alem Seyoum, USA
73. Ms Alem Tekie, GERMANY
74. Ms Alem Tesfamicael, SWEDEN
75. Ms Alem Tesfu, CANADA
76. Ms Alem Tewelde, NORWAY
77. Ms Alem Worede Zerizghi, RSA
78. Ms Alemitu Ghebremeskel, USA
79. Mr. Alemseged Kidanemariam, USA
80. Mr. Alene Medhanie, UK
81. Alexander Girmai, USA
82. Mr. Alexander Nguse Ghebremariam, SUDAN
83. Ms Alga Ghebremedhin, USA
84. Ms Alganesh Haile, USA
85. Ms Alganesh Tesfagergis, USA
86. Ms Alganesh Yacob, SWEDEN
87. Mr. Ali Amer, SUDAN
88. Ms Almaz Gebrekidan, USA
89. Ms Almaz Habte, SUDAN
90. Mr. Amahatsion Asfaw, USA
91. Mr. Aman Ghebrehiwet, SUDAN
92. Mr. Aman Mebrahtu Ghebremichael, SUDAN
93. Mr. Amanuel Haileghiorghis Weldemichael, SUDAN
94. Mr. Amanuel Issac Teklezghi, RSA
95. Mr. Amanuel Iyasu, SWITZERLAND
96. Mr. Amanuel K. Bahta, RSA
97. Mr. Amanuel Menghis, SWEDEN
98. Mr. Amanuel Mengs, SWEDEN
99. Mr. Amanuel Neamn, SWEDEN
100. Mr. Amanuel Tekeste, SWITZERLAND
101. Mr. Amare Gebre, USA
102. Mr. Amare Mobazion, USA
103. Ambassador Hebret Berhe, USA
104. Mr. AMER Ibrahim Mohamed, SUDAN
105. Ms Amina Aberra, NORWAY
106. Mr. Amine Belai Yhdego, SUDAN
107. Mr. A/Michael Elos, SWITZERLAND
108. Mr. Amine Zeru Berhane, SUDAN
109. Mr. Andeberhan Haile, SUDAN
110. Mr. Andeberhan Kifle, GERMANY
111. Mr. Andemariam Teclai Tecle, NETHERLANDS
112. Mr. Andemikael, USA
113. Mr. Andetsion Abrha, SUDAN
114. Mr. Andezion Ghirmay, GERMANY
115. Mr. Andom Girgis, GERMANY
116. Mr. Andom Mesfin, RSA
117. Mr. Andom Mesfin Ketema, RSA
118. Mr. Angelo Beraki, USA
119. Mr. Angelo Ghebrehiwet, USA
120. Mr. Anghessom Haddish Ghebrehiwet, SUDAN
121. Mr. Antonio Tesfay, SWEDEN
122. Mr. Anwar Alishek, AUSTRALIA
123. Mr. Anwar Ismail, SUDAN
124. Mr. Aradom Bokre, USA
125. Mr. Arefayne Estifanos, SWEDEN
126. Mr. Aregai M. Teklezghi, USA
127. Mr. Arim Welenchiel, USA
128. Mr. Aron E. Ghebremariam, RSA
129. Mr. Asefaw G/Kidan, UK
130. Mr. Asefaw Ghebrekidan, UK
131. Mr. Aseffaw Gebre-giorges, USA
132. Mr. Aseffaw Haile, USA
133. Mr. Asgedom Hagos, USA
134. Mr. Ashebir Abraha, USA
135. Mr. Ashebir Dagnew, USA
136. Mr. Asihel Betsuamlak, USA
137. Mr. Asihel Betsuamlak, USA
138. Ms Askalu Kahsay, NETHERLANDS
139. Ms Askalu Petros, USA
140. Ms Asmeret, GERMANY
141. Ms Asmeret Gebremedhin, USA
142. Ms Asmeret Tsegai, USA
143. Mr. Asmerom Abraha, USA
144. Mr. Asmerom Fissehatsion Beraki, RSA
145. Mr. Asmerom Kidane, SUDAN
146. Mr. Asmerom Michael, SWEDEN
147. Mr. Asmerom Paulos, USA
148. Mr. Asmerom Seyoum, SWEDEN
149. Mr. Asmerom Teweldeberhan, SUDAN
150. Ms Aster Misghina, SUDAN
151. Ms Aster Musie, USA
152. Mr. Atoshim Tesfatsion Goitom, SUDAN
153. Mr. Atsbaha Haile, SWDEN
154. Mr. Aula Idris, AUSTRALIA
155. Mr. Awel Hasebu Abdelalamin, RSA
156. Mr. Awelkier Abdelkadr Said, RSA
157. Mr. Awelkier Hasebu Abdelalamin, RSA
158. Mr. Awet Fisihaye, SWEDEN
159. Mr. Azezom Asfaha, USA
160. Ms Azieb Habtemariam, USA
161. Mr. Bahlibi Kiflu, GERMANY
162. Mr. Bahta Tewelde, USA
163. Mr. Bairu Seyoum, CANADA
164. Mr. Bakht Houmada, AUSTRALIA
165. Ms Belainesh A. Adhanom, NORWAY
166. Ms Belainesh Negash, USA
167. Mr. Belay Negusse, GERMANY
168. Mr. Banuna Tekeste Tesfamichael, SUDAN
169. Mr. Beraki Girmay, USA
170. Mr. Beraki Musie, USA
171. Mr. Beraki Yohannes, CANADA
172. Mr. Beraki Zemicael, SWEDEN
173. Mr. Bereket Ghebreab, SWEDEN
174. Mr. Bereket Ghezae, RSA
175. Dr. Bereket Habteslassie, USA
176. Mr. Bereket Hadis, SUDAN
177. Mr. Bereket Haile, USA
178. Mr. Bereket Mesfun, GERMANY
179. Mr. Bereket Poulos, CANADA
180. Mr. Bereket Tecle, SWEDEN
181. Mr. Bereket Tekle, SWEDEN
182. Mr. BereketAb Y. Mebrahtu, CANADA
183. Mr. Berhan Beyan Mahamednur, CANADA
184. Mr. Berhan Gebre-Michael
185. Mr. Berhan Gedem, USA
186. Mr. Berhan Hagos, CANADA
187. Mr. Berhan Hagos, USA
188. Mr. Berhan I. Jaber, AUSTRALIA
189. Mr. Berhan Kebrom, SUDAN
190. Dr. Berhan M. Ahmed, AUSTRALIA
191. Mr. Berhan T. Weldegergis, RSA
192. Mr. Berhane Abraha, USA
193. Mr. Berhane Adhanom, USA
194. Mr. Berhane Beyene, SUDAN
195. Mr. Berhane Gebre-Selassie, USA
196. Mr. Berhane Habtai Teklezghi, SUDAN
197. Mr. Berhane Hagos, CANADA
198. Mr. Berhane Haile, USA
199. Mr. Berhane Kidane, SUDAN
200. Mr. Berhane Mehari, USA
201. Mr. Berhane Mengisteab, SWEDEN
202. Mr. Berhane Tesfazghi, SWEDEN
203. Mr. Berhane Woldeselassie, SUDAN
204. Mr. Berhe Adhanom, USA
205. Mr. Berhe Asseffaw Ukubay, USA
206. Mr. Berhe Birhanu, USA
207. Mr. Berhe Ermias, GERMANY
208. Mr. Berhe Kidane, SUDAN
209. Mr. Berhe Teklai, USA
210. Mr. Beshir Mohamed Ibrahim, SUDAN
211. Mr. Beshir Said Ahmed, RSA
212. Mr. Bethiel Yohannes, CANADA
213. Ms Bettina Woerz, GERMANY
214. Mr. Biniam Tesfai Beyene, SUDAN
215. Mr. Biniam Ghebru, SUDAN
216. Mr. Biniam Ghorgorios, RSA
217. Mr. Biniam T. Misgun, RSA
218. Mr. Biniam Ghebrenegus Sequar, SUDAN
219. Mr. Biniam Y. Tecle, RSA
220. Mr. Birhane Teklay, RSA
221. Mr. Birhane Tesfai, SWEDEN
222. Mr. Bisrat Fessehaye, USA
223. Mr. Bisrat Kidane, RSA
224. Mr. Bisrat Mesgna, USA
225. Mr. Bokre Abrha, SUDAN
226. Mr. Brhane T. Weldegergis, RSA
227. Mr. Brhanu Mohammedsaid Imam, RSA
228. Ms Brkti Petros, RSA
229. Mr. Bruk Tekle, RSA
230. Mr. Daniel Adhanom, USA
231. Mr. Daniel Beyene Tedla, RSA
232. Mr. Daniel Ghebremichael Hailemariam, SUDAN
233. Mr. Daniel Haile Selassie, USA
234. Mr. Daniel Ketema, Costa Rica
235. Mr. Daniel Mesgina, RSA
236. Mr. Daniel Rezene Mekonnen, RSA
237. Mr. Daniel Tadesse, SUDAN
238. Mr. Daniel Tewelde, USA
239. Mr. Daniel Tzegai, GERMANY
240. Mr. Daniel Woldetnsae, UK
241. Mr. Dawit Abrha Habel, SUDAN
242. Mr. Dawit Angesom, GERMANY
243. Mr. Dawit Bahlibi, SWITZERLAND
244. Mr. Dawit Birhanu, RSA
245. Mr. Dawit G. Measho, USA
246. Mr. Dawit Gebremeskel, USA
247. Mr. Dawit Ghidei, GERMANY
248. Mr. Dawit Nguse Weldeab, SUDAN
249. Mr. Dawit Tella, CANADA
250. Mr. Dawit Teferi, USA
251. Mr. Debesai Negassi, GERMANY
252. Mr. Dehab Abraha, USA
253. Ms Dehab Said, NORWAY
254. Ms Demaris Woldeabzghi, SWEDEN
255. MsDemet Estifanos, USA
256. DR. Desalegn Abraha, SWEDEN
257. Mr. Desbele Abraha, USA
258. Mr. Desbele Kahsai, USA
259. Mr. Dirar Mantai Debesai, NETHERLANDS
260. Ms Eden Abraham, AUSTRALIA
261. Ms Eden Almedoun, USA
262. Ms Edena Dirar, NETHERLANDS
263. Mr. Efrem Gebrekidan, USA
264. Ms Eden Tafla, SUDAN
265. Mr. Efrem Ghebremariam, USA
266. Mr. Efrem Isayas, USA
267. Mr. Efrem T. Woldemichael, USA
268. Mr. Efrem T. Yohannes, USA
269. Mr. Efrem Tesfamicael, RSA
270. Mr. Elias Messmer, SUDAN
271. Ms Elsa Amaniel, SWEDEN
272. Ms Elsa Ghidei, USA
273. Ms Elsa Ghebrehiwet Meles, SUDAN
274. Ms Elsa Mesfen, USA
275. Ms Elsa Tewolde, USA
276. Ms Elsa Yemane, USA
277. Mr. Embaye Melekin, CANADA
278. Mr. Ephraim Berhane, GERMANY
279. Mr. Ermias Haile, SUDAN
280. Mr. Esayas Araya Berhe, USA
281. Mr. Estifanos Arefaine, SWEDEN
282. Mr. Eyob Beserat, SWEDEN
283. Mr. Eyob Fissuh, AUSTRALIA
284. Mr. Eyob Kesete, RSA
285. Mr. Ezra Fessehaye, USA
286. Mr. Eyob Mengistu, CANADA
287. Mr. Fanuel Mesfn, RSA
288. Ms Fatma Hasen, NORWAY
289. Ms Fatma Mahmud Mohammed Fayd, SUDAN
290. Ms Fatma Saleh, NORWAY
291. Ms Fatma O. Saleh, USA
292. Mr. Feden Fesseha, SWEDEN
293. Mr. Feshatsion Elias Weldemichael, SUDAN
294. Mr. Fessaha Ghebremariam, GERMANY
295. Mr. Fessha Hadgu Mehari, SUDAN
296. Fessehaie Asmerom, NETHERLANDS
297. Mr. Fessehaye Hagos, USA
298. Mr. Fessehaye Kidane, USA
299. Mr. Fessehaye Mebrahtu, USA
300. Mr. Fessehaye Okubagergis, USA
301. Mr. Fessehaye Temelso, USA
302. Mr. Fetsum Ghebrehiwet, SWEDEN
303. Mr. Fikak Kurban, SWEDEN
304. Mr. Fikre Weldai Kfle, SUDAN
305. Mr. Fikremariam Haile, USA
306. Mr. Fikremariam Worku, USA
307. Mr. Fissahaye Abraham, SUDAN
308. Mr. Fisseha Beyene, AUSTRALIA
309. Mr. Fisseha-Tsion Menghistu, Dr. NETHERLANDS
310. Mr. Fissehaye Zerai, CANADA
311. Mr. Fitsum Asfaha, SWEDEN
312. Ms Freweini Semere, USA
313. Ms Freweyni Issak, GERMANY
314. Mr. Ftsum Abrha, SUDAN
315. Mr. Ftsum Berhane Gherezghiher, SUDAN
316. Mr. Ftsum Tsegai Ghebremichael, SUDAN
317. Mr. Gabriel Guangul, UK
318. Mr. Gabriel Tecle Hagos, SWEDEN
319. Mr. Gaim Michael, USA
320. Mr. Gebar Bebrelul, SUDAN
321. Mr. Gebre Belen, AUSTRALIA
322. Mr. Gebregiorgis Mehari, USA
323. Mr. Gebrehiwet Gebremedhin, USA
324. Mr. Gebrekidan Abreha, USA
325. Mr. Gebremariam Alazar, GERMANY
326. Mr. Gebremedhin Nigusse, USA
327. Mr. Gebreselassie Araya, USA
328. Mr. Gebre-Selassie Hagos, USA
329. Mr. Gebreziabher Behlbi, USA
330. Mr. Gebreziabher Gebre-Meskel, USA
331. Mr. Gebru Ghirmazion, SUDAN
332. Mr. Gemal Adem Sengal, USA
333. Mr. Gemal Adem, USA
334. Mr. Gemal Kanoni, SWEDEN
335. Mr. Getachew Reda, USA
336. Mr. Gezai Kidane, SWEDEN
337. Mr. Ghebre Nasheh, SWEDEN
338. Mr. Ghebre Teclebrhan, USA
339. Mr. Ghebrehiwet Foto, USA
340. Mr. Ghebrehiwet Teweldebrhan, CANADA
341. Mr. Ghebreliul Hailom Ghebreegzabheir, RSA
342. Mr. Ghebrelul Daniel, CANADA
343. Mr. Ghebremedhin Abrha, SUDAN
344. Mr. Ghebremedhin Habte, USA
345. Mr. Ghebremichael Zerai, USA
346. Mr. Ghebreslassie Yohanes, USA
347. Mr. Ghebreweld Habtemichael, GERMANY
348. Mr. Ghebrezghi Shimhalal, USA
349. Ms Ghenet Menghistu, SUDAN
350. Ms Ghenet Woldezion, CANADA
351. Mr. Ghebremariam Solomon, SUDAN
352. Mr. Ghere Tewelde, CANADA
353. Mr. Gherezghiher Habte Andebrahn, SUDAN
354. Mr. Gherezghiher Tewelde, CANADA
355. Mr. Ghergis Negash, SWEDEN
356. Ms Ghidei Tewoldemedhin, UK
357. Mr. Ghidey Ghirmai, SUDAN
358. Mr. Ghilai Tekhlai, SUDAN
359. Mr. Ghirmai Ayahunei Asres, SUDAN
360. Mr. Ghirmai Habteselassie Berhe, SUDAN
361. Mr. Ghirmai Haile, SUDAN
362. Mr. Ghirmai Kahsai Debessai, SUDAN
363. Mr. Ghirmai Ghebreamlak Weldemichael, SUDAN
364. Mr. Ghirmai Kifle, SUDAN
365. Mr. Ghirmay Ghezahagn, NETHERLANDS
366. Mr. Ghirmay Joseph, USA
367. Mr. Ghirmay S. Yeibio, CANADA
368. Mr. Giday Tesfay, USA
369. Mr. Gime Ahmed, SUDAN
370. Mr. Ginbot Abraha, UK
371. Mr. Girmai Kidane (wedi-filipo), ITALY
372. Mr. Girmai Teferi, USA
373. Mr. Girmay Temesgen, USA
374. Ms Glenda George, USA
375. Mr. Goitom Mebrahtu, UK
376. Mr. Goitom Teklay Adhanom, RSA
377. Mr. Goitom Tesfagaber Seghid, RSA
378. Mr. Goitom Tesfamicael, USA
379. Mr. H/Mariam Shimangus, USA
380. Mr. H/Mariam Taddesse, USA
381. Mr. Haben Taffere, USA
382. Mr. Habte Berhe, USA
383. Mr. Habte Ghebray, GERMANY
384. Mr. Habte Ghebray, USA
385. Mr. Habte Haile, USA
386. Mr. Habte Isak, SUDAN
387. Mr. Habte Tesfai, GERMANY
388. Mr. Habteab Mebrahtu, USA
389. Mr. Habtemariam Abraha, UK
390. Mr. Habtemariam Abraha, GERMANY
391. Mr. Habtemariam Abraham, GERMANY
392. Mr. Habtemariam Kifle, USA
393. Mr. Habtemariam Tesfaghergis, AUSTRALIA
394. Mr. Habtemichael Tesfayohannes Kidane, RSA
395. Mr. Habtom Berhe Tedla, RSA
396. Mr. Habtom Ghebrekrstos, SUDAN
397. Mr. Habtom Ghebreyohannes Temenewo, SUDAN
398. Mr. Habtom Ghidei Okbamichael, SUDAN
399. Mr. Habtom Mirach, GERMANY
400. Mr. Habtu Gerezghier, SUDAN
401. Ms Hadas Haile, USA
402. Ms Haddis Tewolde, USA
403. Mr. Haddish Rusom, UK
404. Mr. Haddish Welday, USA
405. Mr. Hadish Mesfun, SUDAN
406. Mr. Haggi Mohamed, SUDAN
407. Mr. Hagos Beyene, USA
408. Mr. Hagos Abrha Hagos, SUDAN
409. Mr. Hagos Kahsay, USA
410. Mr. Hagos Yossief Hailemariam, SUDAN
411. Mr. Hagos Reda, USA
412. Mr. Hagos Teklehaimanot, USA
413. Mr. Hagos Tesfamariam Haile, RSA
414. Mr. Hagos Yohannes, USA
415. Mr. Hailab Kidane, RSA
416. Mr. Haile Atsbha, CANADA
417. Mr. Haile Btsuamlak, SUDAN
418. Mr. Haile S. Giorgis, USA
419. Mr. Haile Ghebrezghi Ghebremedhin, SUDAN
420. Mr. Haile Gebrekidan, USA
421. Mr. Haile Mehari Abraha, USA
422. Mr. Haile Metaferia, USA
423. Mr. Haile Tesfai, USA
424. Mr. Haileab Kahsay, USA
425. Mr. Haileab Kidane Ghebrezgabher, RSA
426. Mr. Hailemariam Abebe, USA
427. Mr. Hailemariam Tesfai, USA
428. Mr. Hailemariam Wiruy, USA
429. Mr. Hailemichael Tesfamichael, USA
430. Haileselassie Goitom Zigta, RSA
431. Mr. Hailu Kibreab, SWEDEN
432. Mr. Hailu Tadesse, USA
433. Mr. Haimanot Sengal, USA
434. Mr. Hamed Alamin, SUDAN
435. Mr. Hamed Mohamed Said, SUDAN
436. Mr. Hamed Saleh, SUDAN
437. Mr. Hamid Abdalla, SWEDEN
438. Ms Hanan Jaffer, NORWAY
439. Mr. Hanetse Khasai, SUDAN
440. Ms Hanna Berhe, USA
441. Mr. Hannibal Tesfom, USA
442. Mr. Harboi Tekeste Wassi, SUDAN
443. Ms Haregu Asefa Selamsa, CANADA
444. Ms Harnet Tekle, NETHERLANDS
445. Mr. Hassan Mehamed, USA
446. Ms Hassebela Tesfagherghis, SUDAN
447. Mr. Hassen Khalifa, SWEDEN
448. Mr. Hawariat Berhane, USA
449. Ms Hayat Ahmed Burhan, SWEDEN
450. Mr. Henok Hadgu Kinfe, RSA
451. Mr. Henok Iyob, SUDAN
452. Mr. Henok Seele Woldeghaber, SUDAN
453. Mr. Hermon Woldeselasie, USA
454. Mr. Hintolai Ahmed, USA
455. Ms Hiriti Kebreab, GERMANY
456. Ms Hiwet Hagos, SWEDEN
457. Ms Hiwet Haileselassie, USA
458. Mr. Humed Omer, SWEDEN
459. Mr. Humee Mohamed, SUDAN
460. Mr. Huri Tewelde Weldemariam, SUDAN
461. Mr. Hussein Al?Amin S. Ali, CANADA
462. Mr. Hussen Mohammed Seid, RSA
463. Mr. Ibrahim Ahmed Mahammud, RSA
464. Mr. Ibrahim Atta, SUDAN
465. Mr. Ibrahim Jaffer, NORWAY
466. Mr. Ibrahim Mohamed Adem, SUDAN
467. Mr. Ibrahim Mohammed Ali Osman, SUDAN
468. Mr. Ibrahim Noor, USA
469. Mr. Ibrahim Nur Ahmed, USA
470. Mr. Idris Abdelkadir, CANADA
471. Mr. Idris Fugurai, SUDAN
472. Mr. Idris Ismail, SUDAN
473. Mr. Idris Mohamed Adem, SUDAN
474. Mr. Idris Osman, SUDAN
475. Mr. Idris Shanino, AUSTRALIA
476. Ms Ilen Tedla, SUDAN
477. Mr. Isaa Mr. c Abraha, USA
478. Mr. Isaac Beraki, USA
479. Mr. Issak Ghirmai Tsege, SUDAN
480. Mr. Isaac Tesfai, USA
481. Mr. Isaias Ghebreselassie, RSA
482. Mr. Isayas Haile Teclehaimanot, RSA
483. Mr. Issayas Haile Ghebreselassie, SUDAN
484. Mr. Ismael Saed, SUDAN
485. Mr. Ismail Ali, SUDAN
486. Mr. Issa Mohamed, SUDAN
487. Mr. Issac Mebrahtu, RSA
488. Mr. Issac T. Medin, USA
489. Mr. Iyassu Isak, SUDAN
490. Ms Iyerusalem Shiferaw, USA
491. Mr. Iyob Zeratsion Abedom, SUDAN
492. Mr. Jaber Ali Jaber, RSA
493. Mr. Jacob Afewerki, NORWAY
494. Mr. Jaeffer Zemzemi, SUDAN
495. Mr. Jaffer Ahmed Idris, SUDAN
496. Mr. Jaffer Mohammed, NORWAY
497. Mr. Jamal A. Idris, SAUDI
498. Mr. Jamal Al-Muallem, UK
499. Mr. James Sharpe, USA
500. Mr. Jelal Yassin, NORWAY
501. Mr. Jemal A. Ibrahim, AUSTRALIA
502. Mr. Jemal Husien, SWEDEN
503. Mr. Jemal Ibrahim, SUDAN
504. Mr. Jemal Mohamed Omer, SUDAN
505. Mr. Jemal Nurhussien, SUDAN
506. Mr. Jemie M. Ali, CANADA
507. Ms Jennefer Weller, USA
508. Ms Jewahir Abdelkader, SUDAN
509. Mr. John Taber, USA
510. Ms Jordanos Tesfamichael, SWEDEN
511. Mr. Kabral Ghebretensae, CANADA
512. Mr. Kahsai Berhe Kidane, SUDAN
513. Mr. Kahsai Asfha, SUDAN
514. Mr. Kahsai Gebreyesus, USA
515. Mr. Kahsai Ghidei, SUDAN
516. Mr. Kamal Ahmed, AUSTRALIA
517. Mr. Kebreab Menghesteab Kflu, SUDAN
518. Mr. Kefali Haile, USA
519. Mr. Keleab Michael Ghebreyonas, SUDAN
520. Mr. Keleta Kidane, UK
521. Mr. Kelifa Saleh, SWEDEN
522. Mr. Kenedy Beyene, USA
523. Mr. Kesete Tesfamichael, SWEDEN
524. Mr. Kflemariam Teclemariam, USA
525. Mr. Khaled Abdu, SWEDEN
526. Mr. Khaled Abdu, SWITZERLAND
527. Mr. Kibreab Mebrahtom Haile, RSA
528. Mr. Kibrom Gebretinsai, USA
529. Mr. Kibrom Kidane, USA
530. Mr. Kibrom Shumdehan Ghebrit, RSA
531. Mr. Kidane Alem Tessema, SUDAN
532. Mr. Kidane Debessa, USA
533. Mr. Kidane Gebreab, SUDAN
534. Mr. Kidane Gebreab, SWEDEN
535. Mr. Kidane Ghebrai, SUDAN
536. Mr. Kidane G/Hiwet, USA
537. Mr. Kidane Ghebretinsae, USA
538. Mr. Kidane Habtemariam Kiflezghi, RSA
539. Mr. Kidane Hagos, CANADA
540. Mr. Kidane Haile, SUDAN
541. Mr. Kidane Mehary Nashih, NORWAY
542. Mr. Kidane Mehary, RSA
543. Mr. Kiflay Dirar, USA
544. Mr. Kifle G. Fitwi, RSA
545. Mr. Kifle Tesfamicael, Denmark
546. Mr. Kifle Tesfamicael, Denmark
547. Mr. Kiflemariam Hamde, SWEDEN
548. Mr. Kiros Yohannes, USA
549. Mr. Kubrom Menghistu, USA
550. Mr. Kubrom Teame Fessehaye, SUDAN
551. Mr. Kuluberhan Abraha, SWEDEN
552. Mr. Kuluberhan Abraham, RSA
553. Mr. Laine Araia, GERMANY
554. Ms Lemlem Ghebreselassie Amhatsion, RSA
555. Ms Leteab Ammar-Tewolde, SWITZERLAND
556. Ms Letebirhan Meles, SWEDEN
557. Ms Letenegus Petros, SWITZERLAND
558. Ms Letenegus Tekle, SUDAN
559. Ms Letengus Gilazghi, USA
560. Ms Leteyesus Medhanie, USA
561. Ms Letina Asghedom, USA
562. Ms Letina Kiflu, USA
563. Mr. Lilai Redda, USA
564. Mr. Mahari Hagos, SUDAN
565. Mr. Mahary Yohanes, USA
566. Mr. Mahder Redii, NORWAY
567. Mr. Mahmoud Aderob, USA
568. Mr. Mahmud Ibrahim, SUDAN
569. Mr. Mahmud Nasser, SUDAN
570. Ms Mali Amseret Solo, SUDAN
571. Ms Mana Mussie, USA
572. Mr. Mansur Mohammed Ali, MALAYSIA
573. Mr. Mark Kinser, USA
574. Mr. Mathewos Berhe, USA
575. Mr. Measho Asrat, GERMANY
576. Mr. Mebrahtu Desta, USA
577. Mr. Mebrahtu Ghebretensae, CANADA
578. Mr. Mebrahtu Hagos, SUDAN
579. Mr. Mebrahtu Zeray, USA
580. Ms Mebrat Deres, UK
581. Mr. Meckonnen Tecle, USA
582. Mr. Medhanie Andehaimanot, SUDAN
583. Mr. Medhanie Nerayo, SWEDEN
584. Mr. Medhanie Solomon, Germany
585. Mr. Medhanie Tewelde, USA
586. Ms Medhanit Malke, SWEDEN
587. Ms Medhin Tesfai, USA
588. Mehamed Abubaker, USA
589. Mr. Mehamed Idris, USA
590. Mr. Mehammed Saleh, SWEDEN
591. Mr. Meharena Kifle, USA
592. Mr. Mehari Abrha, SUDAN
593. Mr. Mehari Amar, SWITZERLAND
594. Mr. Mehari Desta, USA
595. Mr. Mehari Hbtezghi Ghede, SUDAN
596. Mr. Mehari Kahsay, USA
597. Mr. Mehari Tekeste, GERMANY
598. Mr. Mehari Youhans, SWEDEN
599. Ms Mehret Ghebremariam, SUDAN
600. Ms Mehret Ghebreyesus, USA
601. Ms Mehret Kahsay, USA
602. Ms Mehret Weldeab, GERMANY
603. Ms Mehret Zaid, USA
604. Mr. Mehreteab Dawit Million, SUDAN
605. Mr. Mehretab Mesghina, USA
606. Mr. Mekonen Andemichael, CANADA
607. Mr. Mekonen R. Dengetsha, RSA
608. Mr. Mekonen Yitbarek, AUSTRALIA
609. Mr. Mekonnen Haile Andom, USA
610. Mr. Melake Ghebrengus Habtetsion, SUDAN
611. Mr. Melake Tesfamichael Ghebrehiwot, SUDAN
612. Mr. Meles Dawit, USA
613. Mr. Mengesteab Ghebreyesus, GERMANY
614. Mr. Menghesteab Asmerom, SUDAN
615. Mr. Menghes Issak Abrha, SUDAN
616. Mr. Mengis Tekleab, USA
617. Mr. Menhistab Abraha, USA
618. Mr. Mensur Adem Amino, SUDAN
619. Mr. Mensur Siraj, SUDAN
620. Mr. Merhawi Mesghina, CANADA
621. Ms Meriem Mohammed Hamed, SUDAN
622. Mr. Merid Zeru Tsegai, NETHERLANDS
623. Mr. Mesfin Fitwi, BELGIUM
624. Mr. Mesfin Woldai, SUDAN
625. Mr. Mesfun Tella, CANADA
626. Mr. Mesfun Tesfai, SUDAN
627. Mr. Mesghena Teklezghi Baire, SUDAN
628. Mr. Mezghebe Ghebrehiwet, SUDAN
629. Mr. Micael Worede, SWEDEN
630. Mr. Michael Andegeorgis, USA
631. Mr. Michael Beyene, USA
632. Mr. Michael Drar, USA
633. Mr. Michael Teclemariam, GERMANY
634. Mr. Michael G. Mengistu, RSA
635. Mr. Mikael G/Mikael, NORWAY
636. Mr. Michael Tesfai, USA
637. Mr. Mihreteab Ghebrhiwet Berhe, RSA
638. Ms Milena Abraham, SWEDEN
639. Ms Milena Osman Ahmed, SUDAN
640. Mr. Milkias Mihreteab, USA
641. Ms Miriam Messele, GERMANY
642. Mr. Misghina Tewolde, USA
643. Mr. Mobae Lebasi, RSA
644. Mr. Moges Yakob Teweldemedhin, RSA
645. Mr. Mohamed Adem Artaa, SUDAN
646. Mr. Mohamed Adem Yacob, SUDAN
647. Mr. Mohamed Adem, SUDAN
648. Mr. Mohamed Ahmed, AUSTRALIA
649. Mr. Mohamed Ali Ibrahim, SUDAN
650. Mr. Mohamed Aman, CANADA
651. Mr. Mohamed Aselo, SUDAN
652. Mr. Mohamed Hagos, SUDAN
653. Mr. Mohamed Omar Nasser, CANADA
654. Mr. Mohamed Mahmoud, AUSTRALIA
655. Mr. Mohammed Abdelkerim Said, RSA
656. Mr. Mohammed Adem, USA
657. Mr. Mohammed Alamin, SUDAN

658. Mr. Mohammed Ali Heyabu, NORWAY
659. Mr. Mohamed Alamin, SWEDEN
660. Mr. Mohammed Gebil, SWEDEN
661. Mr. Mohammed Jaffer, NORWAY
662. Mr. Mohammed Omer, USA
663. Mr. Mohammed Siraj Abdelkader, SUDAN
664. Mr. Mtwos Haile Selassie, SUDAN
665. Mr. Muhur Solomon, USA
666. Mr. Mulu Gebre-Kidan, USA
667. Ms Mulu Kahsay, USA
668. Ms Mulu Negassi, USA
669. Mr. Munir Mohammedberhan Adem, RSA
670. Mr. Munir Saleh Karrar, AUSTRALIA
671. Mr. Musa Abdelkadir, USA
672. Mr. Mussa Mohamed Mussa, SUDAN

673. Mr. Mussa Shehai, CANADA
674. Mr. Mussie A. Mender, NORWAY
675. Mr. Mussie Ammar Mender, NORWAY
676. Mr. Mussie Berhe, SUDAN
677. Mr. Mussie Beyene Abraham, RSA
678. Mr. Mussie Ephrem, SWEDEN
679. Mr. Mussie Hagos, SWEDEN
680. Mr. Mussie Mahdere, SUDAN
681. Mr. Mussie Abraham Tekle, SUDAN
682. Mr. Mussie Tesfaldet, USA
683. Mr. Mussie Y.Habteselassie, USA
684. Mr. Mussie Yohannes, GERMANY
685. Mr. Mussie Yonas, USA
686. Mr. Mussie Zena, RSA
687. Mr. Mussie Zerai Bokretsion, SUDAN
688. Mr. Mustafa A. Ahmed, RSA
689. Mr. Mustafa Ahmed Bushra, SUDAN





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